Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ijaz Ahmad and Daddy Issues

Who is Ijaz Ahmad? Notwithstanding his admittedly feminine voice, his desire to keep his true identity veiled, and the fact that his intelligence is obviously half that of the average man (*, *), the speculation of some that Ijaz is really a woman does not seem to be overly probable.

The best evidence to date suggests that Ijaz is a 21 year old male and upstart Muslim apologist who has deep spiritual, emotional, and psychological problems stemming from unmentionable things his abusive father did to him while growing up. The abuse factor, which no doubt deeply conditioned Ijaz in his early life and development and which even continues to a degree up to the present day, is especially important to remember when analyzing his polemical interactions with non-Muslims, where he often portrays himself as a young boy being victimized by an older man whenever he is not coming out on top in those exchanges.

So that the reader can hear it from Ijaz in his own words, we provide the following auto-biographical account of Ijaz's disturbing past which he suffered at the hands of his Muslim father:

The above remarks from Ijaz Ahmad can be found at this url: my-story-life-share-your-story#.Uav7ypXU70e

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