Saturday, June 8, 2013

Denial is Not a River in Egypt, But It Is a Place Where A Lot of Muslims (like Ijaz Ahmad) Feel Quite at Home

One of the things we are concerned to point out on this blog is the lack of integrity that marks Ijaz Ahmad in his personal life, something that necessarily spills over into his dawah efforts. In attempting to mitigate the potential damage that could be caused by the previous post on Ijaz's Daddy Issues, something we believe explains a lot about his very bizarre behavior and interactions with his polemical sparring partners, Ijaz decided to help us make our point about his lack of integrity by having his story deleted from the host site and then by insinuating that he never wrote the article and that he doesn't know anything about it. Ijaz's denial can be seen in the following conversation that he had with someone nicknamed "Radical Moderate" over at the blog of another disreputable Muhammadan named Yahya Snow:

As the reader can see, CallingChristians (aka Ijaz Ahmad) here pretends to know nothing about his bio that suddenly disappeared after we did a post on it (providing a picture of it precisely because we knew to expect a cover-up since we are dealing with Ijaz). Unfortunately for Ijaz, not only did we save the picture, but Radical Moderate has since contacted us, providing us with copies of dialogues he had with Ijaz and a Muslimah named Waduha on an Internet discussion platform called PalTalk, which confirm the unfortunate fact that Ijaz is a psychologically disturbed and scarred abuse victim, just like was said in the bio that magically disappeared after Ijaz caught wind of our expose.

The following is a copy of the conversation that took place between Radical Moderate and Waduha:

     Waduha is currently chatting in, Answering Christianity
Radical Moderate: can u undot me please its left over from a few days ago
Radical Moderate: thanks
Waduha: YW
Waduha: Hi !
Waduha: Its that your new motorcycle ?
Radical Moderate: yes
Waduha: its cool
Waduha: Anyway, i wanted to tell you that if you meet an abused person or a person who has been the victim of abuse, what you said is the last thing you should say to him or her.
Radical Moderate: ok why is that
Radical Moderate: it was obvious he was
Radical Moderate: over sensitivity
Radical Moderate: persecution complex
Waduha: Well whether it is obvious is not what i'm saying
Waduha: I'm saying that you shouldnt say that
Waduha: its really horrible
Radical Moderate: ok
Waduha: it is beyond hurtful to the person
Radical Moderate: ok
Radical Moderate: so saying "just as I suspected" is horrible?
Waduha: I work with alot of abused people.  It is really devastating to them.  Some seem to rise above it but 
Waduha: yess
Waduha: its terrible
Waduha: really
Radical Moderate: how so
Waduha: Its hard to explain but if you talk to abused people
Waduha: you will see and know
Radical Moderate: aww did I hurt CC's feelings
Radical Moderate: is that why he pm'd you
Waduha: no
Waduha: i know him
Waduha: and I know abused people
Radical Moderate: well ok
Radical Moderate: I disagree with you 
Radical Moderate: but hey
Radical Moderate: you have your opinion
Waduha: well i cant let you hurt him
Radical Moderate: well if he was hurt by me saying "It is just as I suspected"
Radical Moderate: then he needs to go hide under the bed and never ever come out
Waduha: Dont know if he's ready for the onslaught of more abuse he will suffer by sharing his story
Radical Moderate: wow
Radical Moderate: ok but I did not abuse him
Waduha: have you ever heard the adage
Radical Moderate: I simply made a observation a statement of fact
Waduha: The tort feasor takes his victim as he finds him?
Radical Moderate: whats a tort feasor
Waduha: If you told me that, it may not be abuse
Waduha: but if you told an actual victim that
Waduha: it would be abuse.
Radical Moderate: waduha whatever
Radical Moderate: not buying it
Radical Moderate: I was not abusing him
Radical Moderate: I was not abusive
Radical Moderate: I simply made a statement of fact
Waduha: It is a statement of your opinion to an abused person...
Radical Moderate: well it was a opinion
Radical Moderate: and now its a fact
Waduha: I have no idea and i'm not going to bring it up unless he tells me.
Waduha: I just wanted to tell you in case you didnt know.
Radical Moderate: ok sounds good tome
Radical Moderate: good to me

And here is the transcript of Radical Moderate's discussion with Ijaz:

Radical Moderate: So did I hurt your feelings?
CallingChristians: can you do me a favour and make sure Sam does not edit the debate at all
CallingChristians: Or message me when the video goes up.
Radical Moderate: sure
CallingChristians: I hope he does not edit it at all
Radical Moderate: He wont he's not a Muslimn
Radical Moderate: so did I hurt your feelings when I said "Its just as I suspected"
CallingChristians: Very funny, but if he edits it, will you call him out o it?
Radical Moderate: sure
Radical Moderate: so waduha said that when I said "Its just as I suspected"
Radical Moderate: that it was very hurtufl to you
Radical Moderate: did it hurt your feelings
CallingChristians: We'll talk in a bit, making a post about what just happened
CallingChristians: and yes, that was very insulting
CallingChristians: but I don't hold it against you
Radical Moderate: wow
Radical Moderate: ok
Radical Moderate: another classic sign
Radical Moderate: over sensitivity
CallingChristians: -_-
CallingChristians: anyways, let me know when the video's up, can u get millie to upload it sooner?
CallingChristians: im dying to have it
Radical Moderate: she will upload it when she uploads it
Radical Moderate: not sure how long it takes her to do it
CallingChristians: k, lemme know tho

As a reminder, the point here is not that we are happy about Ijaz's unfortunate lot in life. Our only design is to shed light on his character, and thus to explain some of the most horrendous examples of slander we have ever seen anyone engage in. He does this regularly, and with impunity. We will have more to say about these issues in the future. For now it is apparent that Ijaz is not a person of his word. He lies, and he likes to do so. Often.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ijaz Ahmad and Daddy Issues

Who is Ijaz Ahmad? Notwithstanding his admittedly feminine voice, his desire to keep his true identity veiled, and the fact that his intelligence is obviously half that of the average man (*, *), the speculation of some that Ijaz is really a woman does not seem to be overly probable.

The best evidence to date suggests that Ijaz is a 21 year old male and upstart Muslim apologist who has deep spiritual, emotional, and psychological problems stemming from unmentionable things his abusive father did to him while growing up. The abuse factor, which no doubt deeply conditioned Ijaz in his early life and development and which even continues to a degree up to the present day, is especially important to remember when analyzing his polemical interactions with non-Muslims, where he often portrays himself as a young boy being victimized by an older man whenever he is not coming out on top in those exchanges.

So that the reader can hear it from Ijaz in his own words, we provide the following auto-biographical account of Ijaz's disturbing past which he suffered at the hands of his Muslim father:

The above remarks from Ijaz Ahmad can be found at this url: my-story-life-share-your-story#.Uav7ypXU70e