Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ijaz Ahmad's Pants Are on Fire

It seems that shining a light on Ijaz's background in order to explain and hopefully curb his bad behavior has set him off on a bit of a lying spree instead.

In an earlier post I documented Ijaz's testimony that showed why his personality and behavior can appear so twisted at times, something especially seen in the fact that many of his conversations over unrelated issues quickly degenerate into Ijaz crying "abuse" from the "older man" he is arguing with and accusing whoever it happens to be of having "sexual fantasies" about him. Because I knew the aforementioned testimony would be deleted by Ijaz I made sure to save the image. As I anticipated Ijaz quickly took his testimony down. In a follow up post I showed Ijaz denying any and all knowledge of the testimony in question. He even said the image we provided looked "doctored" and pretended that he tried the link we provided for its home location but he could not find it.

When you lie as often as Ijaz it is virtually impossible to keep your story straight. Eventually the truth catches up with you. Especially if you keep flapping your gums and just don't know when to turn the faucet off. That is what happened recently. In yet another conversation where Ijaz was caught lying about something else that I won't go into, he all of the sudden admits to knowing about the site and article and even says he provided a link to it for a number of people he was giving a talk to in a video chat room on a program called Paltalk. Here are the relevant remarks from Ijaz, which I have once again screen shotted because he will no doubt erase them once he catches wind of this article.

These comments were made at the following link, though they probably will be erased by Ijaz in the near future:

In the above comments from Ijaz we now have him admitting to being familiar with the website, the story and even to posting it for others to read. However, we still see him denying that the story is about him. While this in itself is proof that Ijaz has been lying in feigning ignorance of the testimony even to the point of saying it looked "doctored," what completely blows the lid off of Ijaz's major lie that it is not his personal story is when he admits that he was hurt when Radical Moderate "mocked" an abused person out of empathy. As I documented before, Ijaz is the one who was hurt because he was the one who was being "mocked". See the following post:

I want to once again remind people why this information exposing Ijaz is being done. Ijaz is a very twisted soul who has been shaped by his own sin and the sinful actions of his father. He desperately needs the grace of Christ. At the same time, since he refuses to come to Christ he continues to lash out against Christ's people saying some of the most ghastly and twisted things. He has no problem making up the worst sort of things from what they say in order to discredit them since he can't refute them, and he has no problem lying about anything and everything in the process. Those who read his material should be aware of this, including not taking for granted that his slanderous remarks about others is even remotely close to reality.

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